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【New Product】Natural Vanillin

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Why we are Nature

In essence, bio vanillin by fermentation is a biotransformation process. The preparation as rice origin ferulic acid, without the additional carbon atoms, ensures the natural properties of vanillin.

Authenticity is defined as the ratio of the specific activity of the unstable isotope C14 in the sample to the specific activity of C14 in the current air.

Why Nature is important

Health Risk 

In 2002, EU pointed out that the use of vanillin in large doses would lead to headache, nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulties and other serious harm to human health, so the use of vanillin was strictly limited.

Global nature requirement

Ferulic acid is extracted from rice bran and fermentation is considered as one of the processing methods of natural fragrance.

Environment Protection

Guaiacol as the starting material is the main synthetic route of vanillin in China, but it causes serious pollution to the environment and is difficult to control. Therefore, the country will gradually phase out heavy pollution chemical projects and products.


1 Non-GMO Declaration
2 Creamy, sweet, natural vanilla character
3 Come from natural rice bran, unique fermentation process
4 Competitive advantage as sustainable ferulic acid, high yield, low-energy green and food safety.
5 Preferred natural vanilla extract alternative, reliable supply, no seasonal variations
6 Labeling of ‘Natural flavor’, improve quality of finished products

7 Full compliance with both EU natural(EC1334/2008)and US natural(FDA21CFR01.22)

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