Innovation & Development

Innovation & Development

Biosynthesis of Natural Compounds

Dedicate to biosynthesis of natural ingredients and other functional compounds, and to solve  their shortage
Innovation & Development

Decode natural metabolic pathway

Analyze metabolic path of natural compound in plant by bioinformatics and figure out reasonable

Modify  and Fabricate Cell Factory

Construct efficient microbial cell factory by enzymatic engineering, metabolic engineering and synthetic biology

Functional plant compounds and microbial metabolites are separated and purified to ensure our products meet the compliances.


Continuously process optimization and validation are implemented from laboratory bench to pilot scale to meet commercial manufacturing challenges.



Terpenoids:Terpenoids are a large and diverse class of naturally occurring organic chemicals, such as santalene, menthol, limonene, valencene, etc. Two pathways are involved in the biosynthesis of terpenoids in plants: the mevalonate (MVA) pathway in the cytosol and the methylerythritol phosphate (MEP) pathway in the plastids.

Phenylpropanoids Natural series product

Phenylpropanoids:The general phenylpropanoid metabolisms generate an enormous array of secondary metabolites based on the few intermediates of the shikimate pathway as the core unit. 

BOTONILNatureTM Natural Vanillin


Glycosylation is effective to ameliorate the solubility, volatility, stability and emulsibility of natural products, which is promising to improve the functional properties of many flavor molecules.


The developments of synthetic biology and molecular biology give us  more possibilities to mimick a natural biosynthesis pathway, even to create an unprecedented artificial pathway in a cell factory.